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matt freeman was the reason i started playing bass when i was 16

a list of recent happenings in the life of marvelous mary:

~i got bored with livejournal and AIM
~my cd player ate nedelle and thom (and i LOVE that cd) then it stopped working. now i have to get it fixed AND have to listen to the radio... but on my way home at 4:30 in the morning rancid was on! how 'bout that!
~identical twins are evil but there's something funny about them
~and apparently i'm "easy" even though i didn't actually have sex with either of them...people are funny when it comes to assumptions and it up, people. like i always say...good press/bad press..whatever, as long as you feel i'm important enough to talk about!
~my mirror shattered just before midnight a few days back, bringing my day of absolute twilight zone-ness full circle... so i decided to make mosaic pieces out of the shards. unfortunately i had no tile cutters (or whatever the fuck those are called) so i used my hands. my left thumb got cut deep and started bleeding profusely, so i laughed, bandaged it, then proceeded with the breaking of shards. then my right thumb started bleeding...this went on for a long time. now i have like 20 cuts and still half of a mirror in tact. oi vey!
~mom apologized for being mean to me. she said she was just tired and it had nothing to do with me. so my being upset last night was for nothing. who knew i didn't need to feel so sad while i chugged my bottle of wine?!
~i didn't make the party for shot girl and now the sales manager is gonna hate me. i love that story. i also love how i have to take over marketing tomorrow or tuesday. i hope i don't fuck everything up.
~myspace is funny. last night i screamed out to this dude that he was on my friends' list and he and his gal pal came over and we totally had the "i saw you on myspace" conversation...friendly people
~speaking of myspace...i love when joe from arizona who's 38 yrs old and loves rough sex messages me about fucking me in the ass and gives me his phone number. do people think they're actually gonna get a response? i mean seriously, folks... especially if you're my dad's age, live in a far away state, not attractive, creepy... some people take that website waaaaaaay too far
~i did a niiiice job on my most recent french manicure though my honest brother said i look "out of fashion" and white trash for using glitter clear coat
~craind got me an early bday present since she'll be in some island on wednesday... the WHOLE set of carmen electra strip tapes. oooohh... i had forgotten i wanted them so bad, so i was quite pleased.
~i went to st. pete to hang out last sunday and it'd been SO long... it was becky's goodbye lunch... i can't believe she's in toronto. i've known her since we were of my first florida friends...and we spent the majority of high school in st. pete...memories
~victor wooten is coming soon. seeing him would be fucking awesome. i'd also like to see butch walker and avril but i doubt that'll happen.
~i need a full-time job. i'm not making enough at mine.
~i finally realized how immature it is to just ignore i've been trying hard to just be civil to everyone and be mature about communication. even mccarthy has gotten returned calls. i'm just fed up with immaturity! and when people do it to me now i don't feel unimnportant anymore. i understand it feeds peoples' egos or something. more power to them. i like to inflate peoples' egos because it makes me laugh to watch them be proud.
~last night guys (we know) were sticking dollar bills in my cleavage. i didn't object because i'm poor. i hope this becomes a frequent game. i only made a few bucks though. sad and trashy, i know. laugh it up.
~i've been listening to AFI again. i knew i'd appreciate them more again if i stopped listening to them for a while.
~i wanna see marilyn manson again. can't wait for him to come back.
~thinking about turning 22 this week and sad but true fact- i realized i will NEVER have a boyfriend!!!! i figured out why: (aside from me not lowering my standards of course) it's because i like band guys...because i feel like music means the world to me and i need a guy who thinks the same thing about music...yet all the band dudes i get acquainted with end up liking skinny, preppy, blonde girls who know nothing about music & who just think any guy with an instrument is soo hot and go to shows just to check out guys...then preppy guys who known nothing about music just love me and think i'm soo hot and "so cool" for playing instruments. and as much as i sometimes think preppy dudes are hot...if i lack common interests with someone, our friendship never escalates. stupid theory? maybe. but i have yet to be proven wrong on this. i don't even know if i want a boyfriend but sometimes i think it'd be nice to experience a relationship one day. joe says girls into music are usually ugly and that's why band guys like the preppier girls... but i don't think i'm that ugly really... ok, enough generalizations. this is too funny.
~"trouble" by coldplay is such a good song
~chris said we're living downtown in august. yay. he also said i better save up money or else i guess he's givin' me the boot.
~i wanna learn how to play poker
~some guys get SO offended when i bring up the old, "...was that after you fucked him in the ass? was the anal sex" sort of gay jokes...touchy people are no fun
~the other night carly and craind came over for a girls' night in... it was a nice change from going downtown. i wanted kristina to come but noooo...drinking=toxicity. i was wondering who else (female) i could call then realized i have no other girlfriends in orlando anymore. the only other ones i know are the atlanta bread gals who might even be reading this...buuut i haven't seen you guys in forever! then there's ellie but we just run into eachother downtown and that's it really... storm who i haven't talked to in months... and liz who has a kid so she can't go out... that's it. everyone else i know is a guy!

"i believe in miracles!
where you from? sexy thing!"
~that song reminds me of when you get a hot guy you thought you'd never be hot enough for

N i can make a skull. i miss writing html myself. those were the days when i was like 15 and aside from high school, i spent my life getting rides to concerts, playing music, and making dumb websites all day.

"these boots are made for walkin'
and that's just what they'll do
one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you."
~that reminds me of victoria gotti

~sorry this isn't one of my funnier entries. apparently my wittiness is lacking this morning.
~i must go now because the computer is officially boring me
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